The late Prof. Barri Jones standing on the Roman Road at The Gyrn, Near Bala.

I am delighted to say that he discovered the destination of this road before his premature death.

The Gyrn, Nr Bala, Wales. 1998
The late Prof. Barri Jones spent much of his spare time tracing the route of a Roman road which headed north from the Roman fort of Caersws near Newtown, Mid-Wales. This road crosses some of the most inaccessible areas of central Wales and Barri spent as much time as possible taking aerial photographs and doing walking surveys. Slowly he built up the route, finding small stretches which could still be seen, but where was the final destination?

A chance meeting with a Welsh hill farmer, who informed Barri that there was a track on the farmer's and adjacent land that previous generations had always maintained was Roman, led to us spending a number of weekends surveying what Barri described as "the best preserved section of Roman road in Wales".