Whitle, Sheen, on Derbyshire/Staffordshire border, investigating history and archaeology

"These relics are rapidly disappearing due to the ravages of time and the changes in farming practices, and sometimes re-use of the stone from which they are built. It is well worth recording what is left before it is too late. What is here today may well be gone tomorrow. The pages on this site illustrate just a small selection of what can be found by a careful study of maps."
A fascinating resource for anyone who is interested in the history and landscape of the Goyt Valley, near Buxton, in the Peak District
DERBYSHIRE and PEAK DISTRICT HERITAGE is an ongoing project to collate information about many of the places of special interest in DERBYSHIRE and the PEAK DISTRICT. It is a mixture of literature and 'on the ground' information.
The Wild Flower Society is the only national society created specifically for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in the UK. We are a friendly group who like to meet up throughout the summer months to see and photograph British wild plants in their natural habitats.
The British Bryological Society exists to promote the study of mosses and liverworts. With a full programme of field meetings, a paper reading meeting, recording and research projects, an international academic journal and a lively membership magazine there is something for everyone interested in learning about bryophytes.
The British Lichen Society was formed in 1958 to stimulate and advance interest in all branches of lichenology. The first society in the world entirely devoted to the study of lichens, it has many overseas as well as British members.
An excellent site offering a comprehensive list of quality photographs of British flora.
This is a photographic record, with a personal commentary, of some of the plants seen during the annual wanderings into the British countryside of an amateur field botanist. The extensive indexing of the site is intended to help those wishing to identify a plant, where it can be found or the time of flowering.