Comet Neowise
21st July 2020
Mercury transit
9th May 2016
Lunar eclipse 28 Sept 2015
ISS transit of the Sun Lunar Eclipse
Partial Solar Eclipse
Partial Solar Eclipse Ha
The Sun Astronomy at Preston Montford
Solar image gallery Jupiter & moons Astronomy course at
FSC Preston Montford
Peak Star Party 2011
M82 Bode's Nebula
before & after supernova
Macc Astro Soc dark sky
weekend, Hardraw
Macc Astro Soc Star Party
Teggs Nose
Macc Astro Soc dark sky
weekend, Dalehead
"Stargazing Live" 2012
at Jodrell Bank
Sun Dog Norfolk sky with Milky Way Peak Star Party 2012
Lunar Eclipse
Peak National Park Day
M42 Orion Nebula M31 Andromeda galaxy Lunar Eclipse

Lunar image gallery The Transit of the Sun
by Venus 2004
Total Solar Eclipse
Cornwall 1999